Smallcaps are four for $25!
Smallcaps are four for $25!
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UPPERCASE CANDLES is a small, queer-owned family business featuring a bold collection of custom-designed scents inspired by the typefaces we know and love, and even a few we love to hate.

We were born in Denver, Colorado, and now every candle is designed and hand-poured in Dayton, Ohio.

Matt Meier 

Graphic designer and creative director at Ligature Creative, Matt is obsessed with typography, printing and branding — both at work and at home. He’s the man behind our visual identity and is always down for a bourbon on the rocks (in a reused candle jar, naturally).

David Sherman 

David is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who brings his skills as a storyteller and editor to the craft of candle making. From transporting customers to another time and place to his meticulous quality control, David is the principal creator of some of our most complex fragrances.